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Lina Berlina wearing a Lurik Kebaya and a Lurik Moon Bag | Photographer Max Winter, Munich

My name is Lina Berlina and I am a fashion designer from Indonesia, living in Berlin. Let me welcome you to my website to learn about “The Magic Stripes”. My basic design is an exploration of Lurik, a traditional indigenous Javanese hand-woven cotton fabric, which was all but forgotten several decades ago. The width and colors of the individual “Magic Stripes” and their arrangement in groupings are symbolic and are interrelated with Javanese philosophy. My collection is a beautiful mature confession, giving Lurik a new face interweaving modern and traditional design.


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Lina Berlina Reichl
Alt-Tempelhof 22
12103 Berlin | Germany
Tax ID: 21/488/00242

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Curriculum Vitae


  • July 2nd - The Magic Stripes Fashion Show in the Hilton Hotel Berlin during the Berlin Fashion Week
  • March 9th - The Magic Stripes Fashion Show on the Stage of Wonderful Indonesia 2013 at ITB Berlin
  • January 17th - The Magic Stripes Shooting Show & Fashion Show during the Berlin Fashion Week



  • December 1st - Collection Show Catwalk 2012 Fashion Show at Sir F.K Savigny Hotel in Berlin
  • July 8th - Simply The Best Fashion Show during the Berlin Fashion Week at Udo Walz Galery in Berlin